"I'm trying to connect my camera to Angelcam, got public IP address, signed-in to my router, set a port-forwarding, and still, a camera is not accessible from the internet and my ports are closed 😢"
"My camera suddenly went offline and stopped working! 😱"

These are the most often problems related to port-forwarding security cameras. But there are others - happening once in a while, but more serious:

"Video from my camera appeared on the internet accessible to anyone! 🤯"

👉It's not a good idea to use port-forwarding

  1. It's hard to setup. There is a need of:
    • Get a public IP address from an internet service provider (in many networks impossible, mostly available upon request for a recurring fee)
    • Get fixed public IP address or set up a dynamic DNS service
    • Find IP address of a router, find admin credentials, sign-in to a router administration interface
    • Find IP and MAC address of a camera
    • Ensure camera IP address will not change later so assign a static IP address based on a camera MAC address in a router DHCP administration
    • Repeat most of this for every camera in a network

  2. It's not secure as communication between a camera and cloud is not encrypted

  3. It's not reliable as it stops working from time to time. If anything in your network setup will change (and you can bet, it will sooner or later), it has to be reconfigured and it's time-wasting to find out what changed.

🤔Do you want to still use port-forwarding for some reason?

Okay, weirdo. You had been warned. Please:

❗️Acknowledge we do not provide help with a networking setup. It's hard for us to provide help remotely & we don't want to spend our lives supporting complicated, insecure, and non-reliable solutions. If you need help, please reach your ISP or hire a local IT guy. You can also check our online resources to port-forwarding or try to get help in our community forum.

❗️Do not try to setup port-forwarding if you are not an IT professional.

❗️Eliminate port-forwarding security risks and limit access to your cameras just for Angelcam servers.

❗️Eliminate chance a camera will go offline without you noticing that and assign a fixed IP address for a camera in DHCP settings in your router and set e-mail notification in case your camera goes offline.

✅ AXIS or Hikvision cameras

Hundreds of models of these brands can be connected easily, securely, and reliably by adding Angelcam Connector application to the camera. It's a small and powerful app that can connect a video-capable device (a security camera, intercom, ...) to the cloud easily, securely, and reliably.

💡If you are purchasing a new camera, we definitely encourage you to go with any compatible model to get a peace of mind. Just reach your favorite security dealer and request to install Angelcam Connector into a camera.

If you already have one of the compatible models, it's possible to add Angelcam Connector as well:

✅ Other camera brands

In case you have a non-compatible device, please use AngelBox to connect your existing devices easily, securely, and reliably. AngelBox is a plug-and-play device that allows for easy and secure connection of single or multiple cameras to Angelcam.

Before purchasing, you can also run AngelBox Compatibility Tester to be sure your network and device will work with AngelBox.

👉Check out our Angelcam Community to get support and connect with other users who are sharing their own experiences and insights.

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