Every camera connected to Angelcam is equipped with a free status monitoring feature. We are checking the status of your camera continuously and if it goes offline, we will send you a notification.

How it works

We have two monitoring applications:

  1. For devices with Angelcam Connector inside: AngelBox and optionally AXIS and 2N

  2. For cameras h.264 and MJPEG cameras - or to be more precise: for h.264 and MJPEG video streams

Differences are described below.

Monitoring devices with Angelcam Connector inside

  • you can get a notification if the lost connection with Angelcam Connector takes 60 seconds in row - in other words, shorter outages are not reported

  • monitoring is enabled by default

  • by default, you will get notification via push notification

  • you can add more notification channels (e-mail, ...) and more recipients

Monitoring h.264 and MJPEG streams

  • you can get a notification if the lost connection with a device takes longer than 20 minutes

  • monitoring is disabled by default

  • notifications are being send by e-mail only

  • you can add two e-mail addresses

How to set it up

  1. From your dashboard, choose a camera you'd like to activate Camera status/health monitoring on.

2. On the camera detail page, go to the "Settings" section:

3. Scroll down to "Camera status notification", enable the feature and fill in your email address where you'd like to receive online/offline notifications.

Save the settings and that's it :-) From now on, your camera is being monitored.

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