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You can set up your Angelcam account to send you these types of notifications:

  1. incident notifications for incidents related to your account,

  2. incident notifications for cameras shared with you,

  3. arming/disarming notifications,

  4. online/offline notifications for your cameras and AngelBox and Angelcam powered cameras.

Notification options

  1. push notifications to the Angelcam mobile app.

  2. e-mail - send your notifications to your mailbox or other applications with e-mail integration (e.g. Zapier, Slack, Todoist, PagerDuty, and other applications…)

  3. IFTTT if you want to switch on the lights, move curtains, do automatic phone calls, or be creative in many other ways



Go to the Incidents & Notifications section in the My Angelcam and open Contact methods.

Your mobile devices will appear after logging in to your Angelcam user account using the Angelcam mobile app.

Add e-mails you want to use or create IFTTT applets.


Open Notification rules to assign previously created contact methods to the notification categories.

For example, you may want to receive incident notifications via e-mail and push notifications, but you'd like to receive arming/disarming notifications only as push notifications. This scenario would look like this:

If you would like to receive incident notifications as push notifications, then you would like to receive shared incident notifications (from your neighbor, for example) also as push notifications. For some reason, you would like to receive arming/disarming notifications to your e-mail. Such a scenario would look like this:

If you'd like to receive notifications when AngelBox or other Angelcam-powered devices go offline/online, use the "Other notification" category.

💡Please note that if your cameras are not Angelcam powered (most brands except Axis), you'll have to set up camera status notifications.

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