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Automatically scheduled arming/disarming
Automatically scheduled arming/disarming
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When you or no one else is present on the site (in your home or business), it’s important to ARM the site to let Angelcam protect it.

You have several options on how to (dis)arm the site:

  1. Using your mobile device, manually or (on iOS) automatically based on your location

  2. Automatically, following the desired schedule, as described below

When it is useful?

Scheduled dis/arming is mostly useful for:

  • businesses or other sites operating during regular hours

  • making dis/arming possible without the need for all staff to have an Angelcam account

Typical scenario

The retail store follows a schedule of opening at 9 AM and closing at 5 PM on workdays, while remaining closed on weekends. The scheduled arming is configured for 8 AM, when the first employee arrives to prepare for the opening, and the automatic disarming is scheduled for 6 PM, allowing employees one hour to clean the facility before leaving.


Is it possible to override scheduled dis/arming?

Yes, see below.

What will happen if the employee will arrive at the site before the scheduled disarm time?

To prevent triggering an alarm, it’s important to disarm the site:

  • if the employee has an Angelcam account - via mobile or web app

  • otherwise, he has to wait until disarm time or call/text his supervisor to allow entrance

What will happen if the employee wants to stay on the site during the scheduled arm time?

Depending on internal policy:

  • employees may be simply forced to leave before scheduled arm time to avoid triggering an alarm

  • employees with Angelcam accounts may interrupt automatic arming during the countdown (announced by speakers)

  • Angelcam may be configured to allow employees to postpone automatic arming e.g. for 60 minutes, simply by moving in front of the camera during the countdown (announced by speakers)


Open My Angelcam, the Incidents & Notifications. Check that you are using the correct timezone to make sure arming and disarming happen at the correct time.

Select the desired time and days of the week and hit save. In this case, arming will happen at 8 AM every workday.

You can always update or delete the scheduled arming or disarming:

If you want different times on different days, simply add multiple schedules:

💡 Expert users can use advanced mode to define days and times using crontab format.

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