In some cases, you might want to test if the streaming coming from your camera is working correctly while using the same connection method as Angelcam.

You can use this method if you are getting a choppy stream, if it you're getting an error instead of a video, if the resolution doesn't seem to be correct and so on.

h264 streams

  • Install a VLC player 
  • Copy the "camera address" from the "manage camera" page under your Angelcam account
  • Open the VLC player, select "open network stream" and click "play"
  • Check the quality, speed, stability

MJPEG streams

  • Copy the "camera address" from the "manage camera" page under your Angelcam account
  • Paste the address into your browser (Firefox recommended in this case). Internet Explorer and Microsoft EDGE won't work at all.
  • Check the quality, speed stability

There shouldn't be a significant difference between the quality from an Angelcam website and the quality when viewing the stream directly in 95% of cases.

If there isn't a major difference and you're getting the same problem both on Angelcam and in VLC, it means that there is an issue with the connection, with the camera or with the stream settings. In this case, consider adjusting the stream quality or upgrading your internet upload speed

If there is a difference, feel free to contact us and we will check it for you, the issue might be with something else.


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