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Doorbell & intercom brands that are compatible with Angelcam
Doorbell & intercom brands that are compatible with Angelcam
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Almost any h.264 & RTSP or MJPEG capable device could be connected to Angelcam, so if your doorbell camera fits the parameters, you can start viewing it or recording it to the Angelcam cloud too.

So far, we support the following brands of door bells: Hikvision, GeoVision and Beward, more are coming soon.

We partially support Ring and other doorbells - see below.


List of compatible brands & types of doorbells cameras

You can send Ring events to Angelcam to, for example:

  1. Trigger recording from another camera connected to Angelcam

  2. Create a mark on a recording timeline of another camera connected to Angelcam

  3. Get notifications via the Angelcam app, e-mail, Slack, Todoist, and more.

Unfortunately, there is no option to get a video from Ring, as it's one of the few closed devices on the market.

  • H.264 Camera Access Controller with a built-in Reader - GV-CS1320 2MP

Other non-listed brands

If you don't have Angelcam Powered or Angelcam-ready device, we strongly encourage you to connect your cameras using AngelBox. It makes the connection easy, secure, and reliable. With AngelBox, there is no need for port-forwarding or having a static public IP address.

For professionals: If a device supports RTSP and h.264, or MJPEG at least, it can be connected. While we don't recommend it, you can use port-forwarding as well.

For developers and manufacturers: you can also compile or integrate our open-sourced camera auto-discovery and cloud-connecting tool Angelcam Connector, and run it on RPi or other ARMs, OpenWRT, or certain Ubiquiti routers or even run it in Docker :)

How to connect your device?

Proceed to the camera connector

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