Our mission is to let you connect any video device, no matter what brand and type. 


In general, you can connect any device supporting the following:

video encoding/compression & RTSP streaming protocol
video encoding/compression & HTTP protocol

See the above 4 terms in technical specification of your camera - if found, you can be 99.9% sure your device is compatible.

Technical specification may look like this:


DEVICES that can be connected


1. Traditional IP cameras, NVRs and analog (CCTV) cameras connected through DVR or video servers (encoders)

Check out complete device compatibility list to see brands that are supported and were connected to Angelcam successfully.

! For non-tech customers
- we strongly recommend you to connect your cameras using our own HW - AngelBox. It makes the connection way easier and secure, without a need of port-forwarding or having a static public IP address. Developers, router & NVR producers can compile our open-sourced camera auto-discovery and cloud-connecting tool, or run it in Docker, or whatever make sense to them :)


2. Angelcam-ready Cameras

There are many reasons why we strongly recommend to use any of Angelcam-ready cameras. Connection is easy, quick & more secure.

Get your Angelcam-ready camera like this:

  A) Purchase it - there are so far 4 camera brands being Angelcam-ready

  • AXIS
  • AV Tech - selected models
  • Hikvision - selected models from selected dealers
  • Dahua - selected models from selected dealers

  B) Do it yourself

In case you have already Dahua & Hikvision cameras at home or in your office, you can download Angelcam Firmware & make your camera Angelcam-ready yourself. Read more here.

3. Mobile devices

Thanks to the CamON Cloud app available on Google Play you can turn your Android device into a wireless camera. It's easy to renew old smartphones and tablets in this way. Check more details about how to connect any Android device to Angelcam.

4. Doorbells

So far, we support the following brands of doorbells: Hikvision, 2N, GeoVision and Beward, more are coming soon. Read more about doorbells here.

5. Sensors

Thanks to integration of Angelcam with IFTTT, you can use compatible sensors as event triggers. Read more here.

6. Other devices

Servers streaming video

Even servers streaming video can be connected to Angelcam, again, you will just need to make sure that your software supports RTSP protocol or transcode the stream using for example a VLC player in a similar way you can do it with GoPro.

GoPro cameras

Although it's not a plug'n'play setup, it shows how creative our customers are. Tutorial: How to connect GoPro camera to Angelcam.

Other video capable devices

As being mentioned already, any h.264 & RTSP or MJPEG capable device could be connected to Angelcam, just setup a port-forwarding and connect the device. In case you are a manufacturer, make your device Angelcam-ready.

Still need further assistance? Why not check out our Angelcam Community, where you can connect with other users who are sharing their own experiences and insight into various Angelcam topics and problems.

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